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Join a Community of SaaS founders Obsessed With Creating customer value

We Get You.

If you’re building a SaaS startup and want to stay in control of your destiny, it’s time to join our exclusive community of Bootstrapped and pre-VC founders.  

We Are You.

We meet monthly+ to learn from fellow founders and subject-matter experts. But most importantly, we help each other get unstuck via peer-coaching in small groups.   

Our Circle

What we believe

Our Foundations

Customer Value is King

We’re obsessed with driving customer value. At KSF: Customer $ > Investor $. We’re BETTER at helping you grow customer value than raising funds

Founders Need Founders

We believe in Founder <> Founder relationships. Fellow founders offer unmatched wisdom and perspective. We all need Vitamin F(ounder).

We Raise the Roof

We celebrate wins! And validate ‘learning moments’. Founder energy is a startup’s MOST precious commodity. We’re a pit stop and fill-up in a long race!

Always Growing

We’re all committed to personal growth. It’s hard to grow in isolation. Time together makes us better people


What Our Members Say…

Kevin Neal

Founder @ P3iD Technologies

I found the quality of attendees at the KickSaaS Founders meeting to be a bit more advanced than other similar meetings I’ve attended. This allowed the conversations to progress to real, valuable, discussion topics quickly. The group was engaging, and honest, in sharing experiences which is exactly the type of value I was looking to get from participating in the meeting.  Thanks KickSaaS Founders!

Marci Schnapp

Founder @ Opusana

I recently attended a KickSaaS Founder meeting. It was terrific, and I met some fascinating and diverse Founders. The meeting went smoothly, and the breakout chat rooms allowed me to get to know a few founders. 

The guidelines set the tone, so we all had an equal opportunity to speak, and the ice breakers were interesting, NOT lame. What I found most remarkable was the willingness of each founder I met to extend their expertise helpfully. I highly recommend attending KickSaaS Founders to any founder looking to gain knowledge, meet some friendly people and expand their network.

Sean Miles

CEO & Co-Founder @ Recycle Global Exchange (RGX)

I was invited into the KickSaaS Founders meetings in early 2021 and have attended them monthly since February.  I have really enjoyed the participants and synergy formed by just talking with other executive’s and sharing/venting/learning from each other. The network is very focused on segments we are all experiencing or have experienced which is practical and useful to our daily grinds. With start-ups there is no 1 path. Gaining insight from this group has helped me already pivot on certain business decisions, which have alone been rewarding.  I encourage people to try it out, I think 1 meeting will get you hooked.  I look forward to these each month now as I’m growing my business to talk in real time.

What Do We Do?

Compiling Roadblocks

We create a list of active roadblocks faced by founders everywhere.

Prioritising Problems

Cast votes on the most pressing issues and get to work.

Fire-Tested Approaches

Collaborative problem solving method with members helping each other get back on track.

We Meet Next On…


Thursday, Feb 9th @ 11:00 am MT








What Happens In The Meet-Up?



Get. Set. GO!

Kickoff proceedings with our host introducing everyone



Break The Ice

SaaS talk to warm things up & build a safe space for open conversations



Trials To Triumphs

Experience sharing by people who are where you want to be



Breaking The Deadlock

Brainstorm sessions to give you hands-on insights rather than dense theories



Wrap-Up With A Bang

The conversation doesn’t end. Stay connected and get answers along the way!

Join our chats with heads-down SaaS Founders